Berlin, 2 May 2018

The digital currency, released under the name redBUX, has met with great interest right from the start. Although the hype about the extraordinary growth of the Bitcoin had already ended, more than 2,000 interested buyers contacted me.mento 3D interactive GmbH to buy the token.

Strategically important partners, such as IwantEmpire from the USA, also placed their first tokens in their wallet so that they could then participate in the redBUX eco-system for the launch of the currency.

Managing Director Tobias Platte: „With our redBUX, we are solving major problems in industries that work a lot with license partners and in which payment service providers find it very difficult to process customer payments quickly. Our programming automatically takes care of the financial accounting and the customers receive a currency with which they can pay quickly and anonymously. In addition, so-called peer-to-peer payments are simple and fast.

The digital currency is due to be launched towards the end of the year.

About me.mento 3D interactive GmbH

me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH was founded in 2014 as a 3D technology company for high-resolution and photorealistic avatars and has developed into a complete provider of products for virtual and augmented reality. The issuer’s business areas are divided into the development of photorealistic 3D avatars, the programming of software tools to animate these avatars and the production of apps and platforms to monetize these products.

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