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me.mento 3D interactive GmbH‘s sales figures rise over EUR 6.6 million in financial year 2019

Also in the business year 2019, Memento 3D interactive GmbH has proven that with a mixture of profitable project business and long-term development of a sustainably profitable platform, growth in sales and profit can be generated on the one hand, and on the other hand the future can be secured on the next level.

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me.mento 3D interactive GmbH releases vrXcity Part One on Nutaku, the largest platform for adult games

The management of Memento 3D interactive GmbH, Berlin, has concluded a cooperation with the Montreal-based platform operator Nutaku for the release of vrXcity. Nutaku was launched 5 years ago as a platform specialising in adult games and has been able to attract more than 40 million registered users within a very short period of time.

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me.mento 3D interactive GmbH ’s revenue in fiscal year 2018 increases to more than 5 million Euros, profit of more than EUR 0.7 million Euros

As already announced by the management of me.mento 3D interactive GmbH last year, 2018 was the company’s first year with a market-ready product. The first steps of the in-house platform vrXcity in combination with the specially developed digital currency redbux brought a total turnover of 5,052,842 Euro to the cash registers. With manageable costs, mainly for personnel, software and marketing, the result before taxes is 716,341 Euro.

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