Team & Management

me.mento 3D interactive GmbH

The me.mento 3D Interactive GmbH is a global 3D tech company based in the aspiring city of Berlin. Starting in 2014, our core competence has been the lifelike representation and full animation of humans and environments for digital applications, mainly for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Using our own high-quality 3D scanners and originally developed state-of-the-art software, our avatars are used in VR game applications, social VR projects and many other digital services and products.

Thanks to our steady business development and fast adaption to new market trends, we have emerged from a one-man-company to a 30 employee strong one-stop-shop for the development of XR products. The combination of industry veterans and experts with years and years of experience allows us to unite the whole production and publishing pipeline for innovative XR products under our roof. We bring state-of-the-art XR products and services directly to the customer. We are Virtual Reality.


Tobias Platte (CEO) is one of me.mento 3D Interactive GmbH’s original co-founders. As a trained banker, he founded and led a worldwide operating marketing agency, making him become a proven marketing expert in the field of digital entertainment.

At me.mento 3D Interactive, he is the visionary mind behind the development of the adult entertainment game vrXcity and the crypto currency redBUX. As the face of me.mento 3D Interactive, he has established the company’s vision in the relevant global media.

Board Assistance

Cordula-Maya Rosenberg (Executive Assistant & HR) has extensive management experiences.

Well organized and structured, she brings processes together & ensures compliance with them. The HR department and associated tasks are also her responsibility as she values good team atmosphere and good communication within the company.


Philipp Begaße (Brand Management) is an experienced Corporate and Communication specialist.

Adding his extensive expertise in Corporate Design and Content Management, he is responsible for the company’s visibility and outer appearance in order to efficiently stand out in the vast and fast growing market of future technologies.


Matthias Müller (Creative Director) is a diverse professional in the field of creative development of future technologies.

With 17+ years of working experience in lead and senior roles for several high profile games, film, and advertisement projects, he is a proven expert in game cinematic/trailer production, motion capture, project management and the overall game development process.


Felix Günther (Head of Production) is a software developer who worked on several award-winning projects.

Having extensive expertise as Designer & Producer, he ensures that plan and vision of the company’s projects are always synchronized. Since 2019 he is also teaching design- and production-related subjects, helping to form the next generation of designers and developers.