Sex of the future

From smart toys to interactive VR adventures

Berlin,September 2019. Gay, hetero- or bisexual? Digisexual! Today the digital change has taken over almost all areas of life and has also reached the bedrooms at home. The term digisexuality includes all those who prefer erotic experiences with electronic media to a human partner and define their sexuality through this. „This change can be clearly seen, among other things, in the large number of manufacturers and customers in the erotic sector. Thanks to constant development, new technologies are emerging that enrich the love life of Germans,“ says Tobias Platte, managing director of me.mento 3D interactive GmbH in Berlin and developer of the erotic platform vrXcity, and adds: „The era of smart toys, sex robots and VR porn is in full swing.“ But what can all these products actually do? And what does the future hold in store for digital sex?

Introducing Sex 4.0

According to a recent study by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO, which was published together with Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) and Arte, every fifth German would go to bed with an intelligent sex doll, a so-called „real doll“. „Our drives are increasingly decoupling from partnership and the most beautiful trivial thing in the world is no longer bound to a flesh and blood counterpart. At first glance, interpersonal relationships fade into the background and the desire for digital and therefore always accessible services grows. But intelligent vibrators, penis rings and co. can also be enjoyed wonderfully in twos,“ the expert knows. Thanks to multifaceted toys such as intelligent mini-vibrators that can be remotely controlled using Bluetooth and apps, the love life of the Germans gets a lot of pep. If the smart toy also connects via the Internet, even couples in a long-distance relationship can establish erotic connections – no matter how many kilometers lie between them. But there’s something even more curious: if you want to have your love life evaluated, you can use modern sex trackers. Built into a penis ring, these show on the paired smartphone not only the calories consumed during lovemaking, but also the number and speed of the sexual intercourse and the frequency of the change of position. Thanks to the technical symbiosis of smartphone and sex toy, completely new sex trends are created.

Virtual interaction

But what will the interface between sex and technology offer in the future? Virtual reality is already in the fast lane in many areas – the erotic industry is now also profiting from this. According to a statistic, porn movies in 360 degrees are even supposed to be the fastest growing category in the online erotic industry (1). However, what users have so far only been able to experience as passive pleasure in VR porn is now being completely reinvented by a Berlin company. In the interactive erotic world vrXcity, fans meet their favourite erotic stars, such as Marley Brinx, Texas Patti or Jessica Drake, as completely animated and lifelike avatars. In addition to many female top stars of the industry, male avatars, such as Steve Holmes and Danny Mountain, are also available right from the start. „Thanks to the true-to-detail erotic world, with various scenarios and lifelike 3D animations, users can virtually live out almost all fetishes and preferences in a private atmosphere“, Tobias Platte describes the interactive platform and concludes: „As long as people create new technologies, the erotic industry is also continuously developing. An end is not in sight – good news for all those who like to experiment“.

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me.mento 3D Interactive GmbH is a global 3D tech company based in Berlin. Founded in 2014, the company’s core competence has been the lifelike representation and full animation of humans and environments for digital applications, mainly for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Since 2017, me.mento 3D Interactive has grown into a holistic developer of relevant XR products and services, having expanded its product portfolio to an own cryptocurrency for the entertainment industry and an adult entertainment game while continuing to develop XR games and services for a broad target group.

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